Healthy Junk Chronicles: The Spark of Health


Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been gone for a while but instead of focusing on “what was” and “I should have,” WE need to pay attention to the present moment and be grateful for what we have and don’t have…

Presently, what I now have is a Magic Bullet! As you can see in the picture above (I took it for my instagram page), before I received the green juice, I had to get a lesson in how to create it from my mom.

The funniest things about my lesson are:

  1. My mom talked me through it like she’s the host on an infomercial.
  2. She had this unbelievable energy and passion I have not seen in years.
  3. She’s been doing this for 2 weeks!

The best part about the while experience (besides spending quality time with the love of my life) was how good the juice tasted!

I can see why people would choose the Magic Bullet over a conventional juicer. It’s simple, multifunctional, and easy to clean. I have a Jack LaLanne juicer – top of the line and all that – never used because it seemed like too much work.

I’ll leave you here…for now! When I come back, I’ll share my mom’s recipe for her green juice (which she received from the Nutribullet commercial) and my version of it.

For 30 days, I want to use the Magic Bullet for juicing and let you know what happens. My issue is making sure that it benefits me during the wintertime (raw good is cooling, not good for me during the cold season).

I have no issues blogging about it. I hope you have no problems reading!

If you’re going to consume junk, make sure it’s Healthy Junk!  🙂