Who I am and Why I am here!

Hello everyone!!

It’s been a while since I have posted to this blog and I would really love to get back in the swing of things! So let me start getting back into this blog with…why I even created this blog in the first place!

I am a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and all around Health Nut. One of the many issues people face when it comes to being healthier is the with organic and healthy food. “It’s too expensive,” they say. And it’s not just expensive food. Organic and all natural beauty products, household products and other items we need everyday are just too expensive when it comes to getting it without chemicals. So for me, these items are called “luxuries.”

This blog is a way for all of us, especially in the New York City area, to get these luxuries at a less expensive price, create some of these items yourself (DIY, making it inexpensive) or spending that money to get what you want and need as a healthy alternative. I want to offer my review on products that seem expensive or costly but are worth the cost as well. 

I call the blog “Healthy Junk” because this journey started as a way for me to offer you healthier ways to enjoy your “junk” – whether it be junk food or other “Junk” items – things we want but really don’t need. However, in my mind, it’s so much more than that. 

I’m going to keep the name “Healthy Junk” just because I love the title and the feel of it…that hasn’t changed. This oxymoron sticks. But know this…we live in a time where it’s hard to maintain a lifestyle that has us free of “junk,” in this case, chemicals. I want to make that easy…not only for me but for you too!!

 I hope you’re ready to take this journey AGAIN with me!