About Healthy Junk

Healthy Junk is a blog about eating your favorite foods – but the healthier kind. :)

Junk Food is cheap, tasty, and available! Unfortunately, it’s also very unhealthy. Healthy Junk helps you to find a healthier alternative to junk food on a budget. Think of it as transitional eating. ;)

Healthy Junk started as a blog about food…but this year has shown me that junk comes in many forms. Not all junk is cheap…most of it is available and tasty (even if only for a short time). But health doesn’t only start and end with our bodies (internally and externally). We also need healthy pockets too! So Healthy Junk is going to expand to finding healthier alternatives to junk – no matter what kind or where it is…and of course, it’s going to be affordable. Now let’s get this show on the road! ;)

Another thing about Healthy Junk is that it’s a real “no nonsense” blog. It will be a bit on the funny side but very “straight, no chaser.” This isn’t your average health blog!