Junk News XXII: Make your own Laundry Detergent

Do it yourself

Do it yourself (Photo credit: Noemí Rivera)


Junk News: Make your own Laundry Detergent


I love “cheap” stuff…and it’s even better when the cheap stuff is high quality and WORKS!! Now, I haven’t tried this yet but as soon as I get the ingredients, I surely will!!


My Castor Oil challenge is going so well (gotta update you soon) that I’m on a DIY (Do It Yourself) roll!! So if you try this out before I do, please let me know how this works and how much money you save!!


I can’t wait to hear from you!


and always remember…if you’re going to consume junk, it might as well be Healthy Junk!



Junk News XXI: Healthy Substitutes for the Junk We Love!!

Junk News: Healthy Substitutes for the Junk We Love!!

This is a great article from “young Chicago authors,” that lean towards the High School crowd. The only point I would like to make is that you need to be very specific with teens at times, especially since they are prone to hear what they want to hear OR will figure out ways to go around what you say.

Take this quote for instance:

“If there are so many available junk substitutes why aren’t people eating them?  Although there are many substitutes for junk food, it’s hard for us to break away from bad habits. I don’t expect that right after you read this you’re going to throw all the junk food out of your house, but gradually try to eat healthier food more often.”

This is great for teens (and adults) to understand. It makes us think about all of our habits and do our own work  to help ourselves.

Now take a look at this:

“For lunch, try making your own salad. It’s cheaper than buying a lunch and it tastes even better if you make it the morning of. You can add tasty ingredients like mandarin oranges and dried cranberries, both of which are sweet yet healthy.”

Now making a salad for lunch is a great idea! It’s great for a teen to learn how to be independent with their food choices anbe serious about health. The only issue is that the author needs to specify to be careful with salad dressing!! Salads aren’t unhealthy!! But too much salad dressing can add to calories and at times have ingredients that aren’t conducive to health. Since most teens (and adults) are sugar & salt fanatics, they will practically drown the poor salad with dressing to make sure that it tastes just the way they like it! Not a healthy move!!

Overall, I love this article!! It gives just the right amount of information and leaves questions in the reader’s mind. Questions that the reader will have to answer for him or herself. You can always find a Health Coach (such as myself) to help you answer all your questions and allow you to DO RIGHT FORYOURSELF!!

Always remember…the next time you consume junk, make sure it’s Healthy Junk!

Junk News XX: High Cost of Health Food Means Kids Eat More Junk

healthy gluten-free school lunch

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High Cost of Health Food Means Kids Eat More Junk

If I were a parent reading this article, it would raise many more questions than answers:

  1. How can I buy healthier choices for my kids and save money?
  2. How does increased prices on raw materials (milk, corn, etc.) affect food prices in supermarkets?
  3. How can I introduce healthier alternatives to snacks, etc. into my children’s lives without “force” feeding them?
  4. What is the easiest thing I can do to start this healthy process…in myself and in my children?
There are numerous blogs, websites, experts, and companies that gives you a plethora of information that can overload our brains. Many times, a solution provided by one of these methods often result in spending more money, which may help in the short run but leaves for more issues in the long run. The better question is: How can I make simple lifestyle changes that will affect my future decisions in maintaining health and wellness?

Junk News XIX: ‘Healthy’ foods that can pack on the pounds

Dried fruit and nuts on a platter, traditional...

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I personally had no idea that quinoa can pack on pounds. Dried Fruit is very well-known for packing on pounds because of its sugar content. Nuts and seeds have lots of “good” fats but fat is fat and if it’s not processed by the body properly, it sits there on your gut or your butt.

Fruit smoothies are along the lines of dried fruit…just another way for a lot of sugar to get into your system (same with fruit juices) but hummus? I figured that’s one of the low-calorie ones!!

I just want to mention something about salads. Instead of adding cheese, bacon, or shrimp, try adding other kinds of greens (instead of lettuce) such as watercress, arugula, or even endives. These bitter and sweet greens can add to the flavor of the salad without having to add a meat or fat filled or too much salad dressing (the main culprit behind the increased calories of a salad).

So the ‘moral of the story’ is that moderation is key!! Almonds are super healthy for you…one of the best things you can put in your mouth. But you have enough common sense that too much of anything is no longer healthy and fat enriched foods like nuts  will add to your gain if you eat like 10 handfuls at once!! Don’t go crazy and feel guilty if you eat too much of one of these foods (dried fruit and almonds are my passion). Don’t be so literal in your train of thought. Enjoy your healthy junk and even more so, enjoy your healthy outlook on the junk you consume.

I missed you guys…I hope you missed me too. 😉

and remember…if you’re gonna consume junk, it might as well be Healthy Junk!

Junk News XVIII: Junk Food Diet May Lower IQ – US News and World Report

Two mice; the mouse on the left has more fat s...

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Health Buzz: Junk Food Diet May Lower IQ – US News and World Report.

I wholeheartedly agree with this article!! Even though you can watch the contestants on The Biggest Loser lose weight quickly and with the most grueling workouts, that doesn’t mean that you can or should start that way. Obesity has become a mental issue, sometimes more than a physical one. The emotions that surround your reasons for being obese are stronger than the physical impulses to overeat. Most times you don’t eat because your stomach tells you to, you eat and eat because your heart and ego tell you to!!

This is why holistic health/wellness is key to a successful lifestyle. No matter what path you take – alternative medicine, exercise, nutrition/diet changes – you have to approach all aspects of YOUR being – mental/emotional, physical, spiritual (relationships and not the emotions and conditioning that dictate your choices in life) – with the same amount of zeal and effort. It doesn’t make sense to do all the exercise and fasting and all this if you haven’t resolved the emotional issues that lead you to eat in the first place.

I probably said this so many times on so many occasions. You’ve probably heard this from others many times before. That’s fine. As long as it takes for you to do the right things, the things that better you, I’ll say it over and over and over.

Teach One. Reach One. Each One. That’s the healthiest junk I can give you today. Bless!