Link Up XXIII: Dezeen » Stereotype by Daizi Zheng

Dezeen » Blog Archive » Stereotype by Daizi Zheng.

Caroloto...made from Hummus and Carrots. ;)

I (l) this! This is “Healthy Junk” at its finest! Daizi Zheng took healthy foods and made them look like drugs and junk food. Despite the comments, I like the design and idea behind this.

Maybe Daizi has started a trend…hmmm. ;)

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Link Up VIII: Laura Klein’s Green Club – Green Living made easy

Laura Klein’s Green Club – Green Living made easy..

If you have $$, then this is for you. You can join this club for $1 and then it’s $19.95 every month. I was so tempted to join but I don’t want to go through bounced payments. hehehe

Even though I’m not joining, it’s a good deal and Laura Klein is the WebMistress of so you know she knows what’s she’s talking about! :D

I’ll holla!