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Caroloto...made from Hummus and Carrots. ;)

I (l) this! This is “Healthy Junk” at its finest! Daizi Zheng took healthy foods and made them look like drugs and junk food. Despite the comments, I like the design and idea behind this.

Maybe Daizi has started a trend…hmmm. ;)

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Junk News XV: How to Eat Better and Slash the Grocery Bill

How to Eat Better and Slash the Grocery Bill.

I got this in Oprah‘s Newsletter yesterday and I love it! :D

It’s a great way for us to save money and eat healthy, giving you more reason to cut out the junk foods we consume and getting some Healthy Junk in our lives!

It’s my first post for Healthy Junk in 2010! Sorry it took so long but yesterday was my birthday! (l) Don’t worry…we still have over 300 days to get it together.

So always remember…

if you’re gonna consume junk, it might as well be Healthy Junk!

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