Junk News XXII: Make your own Laundry Detergent

Do it yourself

Do it yourself (Photo credit: Noemí Rivera)


Junk News: Make your own Laundry Detergent


I love “cheap” stuff…and it’s even better when the cheap stuff is high quality and WORKS!! Now, I haven’t tried this yet but as soon as I get the ingredients, I surely will!!


My Castor Oil challenge is going so well (gotta update you soon) that I’m on a DIY (Do It Yourself) roll!! So if you try this out before I do, please let me know how this works and how much money you save!!


I can’t wait to hear from you!


and always remember…if you’re going to consume junk, it might as well be Healthy Junk!



The Healthy Junk Chronicles: 19 Natural Cleaning Tips (from Wellnessmama.com)


Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

19 Natural Cleaning Tips (from Wellnessmama.com)

One of the reasons why I created the Healthy Junk blog is to find the best healthy, organic, and all natural “junk” (aka the items and luxuries we usually take for granted, as well as the necessities of life that aren’t filled with preservatives, additives, and all around bad stuff) at an INEXPENSIVE price (no one likes the word “cheap” anymore).

Obviously, DIY everything would fit well into my blog (and my life) but the issue is…these recipes, etc. may not work the way you would like (aka “as well as the expensive, brand name stuff you usually get).

This is where I come in!! I can safely say that apple cider vinegar and lemon juice DOES work well to clean most things (except toilets). I can safely say that using glass bottles are better than using plastic (and I will use my ACV glass bottle with a plastic top to use for my cleaning items)! There are other tips that I haven’t tried yet but trust me, I surely will and get back to you as to whether they work…or not!

Do you have any tips that you want to share…and they work? Please let me know. I’m on a budget (and I’m sure you are too) so I am open to all suggestions that do not hurt my pockets, my health, or the planet earth.

If you’re going to consume junk, make sure it’s Healthy Junk!