Junk News XIV: Food Lobby Mobilizes, As Soda Tax Bubbles Up

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Food Lobby Mobilizes, As Soda Tax Bubbles Up.

It seems as if the Beverage Industry is taking the possibility of a National Soda Tax very seriously. So should we. Even though soft drinks and sodas are not a direct cause of obesity, it cannot be ignored that soda and it’s main ingredient, HFCS, is a major player in making our bodies toxic and a main factor in causing dis-ease! I say we tax em. It may not stop people from buying soft drinks, but it will definitely make them look at healthier ways to quench their thirst.

Laters, (l)

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The Healthy Junk Chronicles: My Experiment with Junk I

Instead of going through the poetic prose I may use when writing for Fight dis-ease!, I’m just going to come out and say it: I got laid off of my corporate job recently. My official termination date has not approached as yet but I was still going into survival mode. Going in and out of a “funk,” I got the foods that were cheap and easiest. I got junk.

In New York City, there are many food staples – pizza Pizza and hot dogs Hot Dog are at the top of the list. However, in the “hood,” there is one food that soars above the rest…and it’s one of the worst junk foods known to man – 4 Chicken Wings and French Fries (or some kind of Fried Rice) from any Chinese-American Food Store. Chicken Wings w/French Fries

I made a conscious decision to no longer eat pork at 11 years old. I haven’t eaten hog dogs since (so that’s out)! I do eat pizza but since dairy and I don’t get along like we used to (we’ll talk about that later), I couldn’t eat too much of it.

For 9 months, I haven’t eaten chicken. A month ago, I decided to take a break from seafood (I’ll talk about Elimination Diets on Fight dis-ease! in the future). Since taking that break, I started eating chicken again. Now mind you, seafood is NOT fish but for some reason (or another), I came right back to chicken. Continue reading