The Healthy Junk Chronicles: What is to come…

Hey family! :d

I’m on the phone right now with one of my friends. She was one of my first “guinea pigs,” when I first started on my journey as a Holistic Health Counselor. I helped her lose 35lbs. in 4 months. She was obese and I didn’t even start my first day at school yet. She’s telling me about what goes on with her now.

She gained her weight back and some more (for reasons you don’t need to know but couldn’t be avoided) so now she’s back on the goodfoot, taking it slower than before. I helped her lose this weight about 2 years ago. I want her weight loss and health to be in the long-term, this time around.

Her growth has been in her mindset. She has also grown spiritually. Her holistic health has greatly increased, even though she’s still struggling with her physical health. As I talk to her (and type to you), I think back to when she began this process. She was the most stubborn of people to deal with – a black woman from the Bronx, taking care of her sister and her son, with a lot of struggles in life. She was definitely one of “I want it right now” type people who would take any kind of thing, thinking it will help her lose weight and get healthy fast.

Kinda like you, no? (oui)

Well in this post, I’m going to tell you a couple of basics to get you on the good foot to enjoying healthy junk:

  1. Invest
  2. Yes, yes. You’re going to have to “invest” in a number of things to get your healthy junk started off the right way. Even though we are getting some of this good junky junk, we want the end result to be a progression from the real junk to healthy junk to just plain health. =)

    So that means that you’re going to have to invest time, money, resources. This is going to take some planning. No, you never had to plan when you were younger. But now, it’s time to take responsibility by the hand and jump off of the steep cliff of life into the abyss of accountability and integrity. 8-|

    A lot of the things I will ask you to invest in may seem trifling, even silly. But sometimes the simple things are the most important. It’s like hiding the treasure in plain sight. Just roll with it. :D

    If there is something I ask of you that involves money, I’ll do my best to make sure you’re not paying too much. Trust me, I got financial issues myself (that I am taking care of, thank you (y)) so I’m always on the lookout for the lesser of the deeper pockets.

  3. Understanding
  4. You’ll get the knowledge – that’s where this blog comes in – and you’ll (hopefully) gain a little wisdom (that’s up to you). However, understanding of certain things is what I really want you to realize. The plus for me is that I get to do it without having to worry about a copywriter, or being really serious. Just I get silly for my healthy junk and I can’t wait to talk about it!

  5. Patience
  6. Patience is a virtue! Trust and believe.(a)

    If you knew me about 10 years ago, you wouldn’t believe that these words would come out of my mouth. Back then, I prided on having “a little bit of patience and NO tolerance.” I later came to realize that I didn’t have much of either. It wasn’t until I got up to 160lbs. that I knew I couldn’t maintain anything without having patience. That meant that the “fast food mentality” couldn’t cut it like it used to. I had to have a firm resolve. Now, I have and may slip up in my diet and taking care of myself. I don’t beat myself up. I figure out what’s going on with me and do my best to resolve it. If I forget to do some Yoga today, there is always tomorrow. As long as you are mindful of what you need, you can gain access to what you want. The trick is to making sure that what you want is what you need. ;)

I’ll leave it here for now. I’ll start getting to the real good stuff soon. I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into. I can’t wait for you to start the healthy junk process. What I may offer might surprise you…

If you’re gonna eat junk, it might as well be HEALTHY JUNK.