The Healthy Junk Chronicles: My Experiment with Junk II

What’s good everybody?

I hope you’re all enjoying this Earth Day and did your level best to be green…even if it’s only for one day! ;)

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I wanted to continue with my experiment with Junk Food and what I have done, so far, to rectify my situation.

disclaimer time!

Everything I am about to discuss from here out, you don’t have to do. You can try it and if you like it, then, go ahead and make it happen. Otherwise, wait for me to get specific and explain certain things before making a decision. It don’t make sense to ride the horse if you don’t know how to ride! ^^

When I got home from running, disgusted with my time and how I felt, I sat down and decided to make some changes. The first change I was going to make was how I was going to budget my money for food. Usually, I’m hungry. I see how much $$ I have. I then go downstairs and buy whatever will last me for the day. Then, I would wake up the next morning hungry and feeling funky.

I needed to buy enough for a week. Refrigerated, Microwave it (we’ll talk about that soon too. I told you I’m a “flexitarian” (lol)) and save it for later…I was all for that. So I went to my stores and bought dried cranberries (in bulk), a bunch of pears, 2 Macro/Vegan Noodle meals (Pad Thai and Udon Noodles), an organic microwaveable meal (yo, Whole Foods got it…don’t sleep!), some chocolate (I can’t wait to talk about this with you but first things first! (siffle)), and my gallon of water. Continue reading

The Junk with Water

What’s good everybody? :)

With my Fight dis-ease! blog, I try to go with a certain order or flow of things. I’m not too worried about  the “latest topics” because for every 2 people that know about the latest topics, 100 people don’t know. I also can make a sure bet that even though those 2 people know about the latest health topics, they aren’t applying them to their day to day. >_<

Here at Healthy Junk, we say screw the damn flow of the Feng Shui! We run the grease engine…we run tings, tings no run we! (hh)

So here I am, messing up the plan of Fight dis-ease!…let’s see why:

The name of this topic for today includes water. Now water is NOT junk. Water is one of the most important things to be healthy and to maintain health. Of course, since this is such a serious topic, I’ll let Fight dis-ease! take care of that aspect of things.

Healthy Junk is going to talk about the “junk” that comes with the water: those damned plastic bottles! :x Continue reading