On the Cheap: Castor Oil (Hair) Challenge +


I’m a member of lots of FB groups. One group, on health, had a post called “The 30 day Castor Oil Challenge”. Confused (I can’t drink Castor Oil that much!) and intrigued, I had to click on the link.

You have no idea how happy I was to find out it was a Hair challenge! Apparently, Castor Oil does wonders for hair like mine (kinky, thick, dry in the winter). I only have fond but scary memories of Castor Oil. I remember my mom feeding it to me when I got in trouble and she didn’t feel like beating my butt. When I bought the Castor Oil today, I could hear here in my head saying, “Now you can stay your ass on the toilet instead of getting into trouble!”

But back to my hair…I have used a number of “things” to make my hair shiny and grow – some were inexpensive… others, not so much. So I figured, “why not try this natural /possibly cheap/healthy way to get my hair on track? Why not blog about it even!”

So here I am. Armed to the teeth with Castor Oil, tips and tricks to make my hair better. The challenge starts on Dec 1st but I need to start early so I can stay on track!

As I post updates, I’ll add other tips that may help you out. Or just keep reading as I enjoy this excuse to grow my hair out (maybe).

For more info on the challenge, click here: Castor Oil Challenge Winter 2012 – REGISTRATION | KinkyCurlyCoilyMe!.html

For more info on Castor Oil, especially the benefits of using it internally, please click here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/28/castor-oil-to-treat-health-conditions.aspx

I’m not a fan of Dr. Mercola but in this case, he’s right. I told you my mom used it as a tool for health AND a tool for punishment!

UPDATE: Last night, I started this challenge early. I mixed coconut/castor oil together (all organic of course) and did a deep condition to my hair. I also added it to my body…you have no idea how well this works. Well, you will…very soon.

Until then, the next time you consume junk, make sure it’s Healthy Junk!

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